Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a buzz phrase these days, but it is realizing benefits to our customers. You can take advantage of the new wave.

Cloud Computing takes your entire infrastructure virtual, giving any size company access to a world-class, powerhouse infrastructure as it slashes or eliminates every one of your IT expenses!

In our experience, cloud-computing services provides the following benefits at a much lower cost than equivalent dedicated-hosting in a data center:

  • Resiliency without the cost and administrative overhead of redundant hardware
  • Reliability of using infrastructure that is monitored and managed by first class teams, without the cost of running and maintaining your own team
  • Security managed by dedicated experts
  • The ability to rapidly scale up, and down, as demand changes

Software is a powerful business tool, saving money and improving business performance. But acquiring the optimum software with the right functionality that fits your organization and business processes is not an easy task. The AviorSoft approach to building software can deliver a better method of providing the solutions that your business needs and deserves, whether through products or services.